Sunday, January 9, 2011

CVS Beauty Clearance Hauls!

First, I should prepare you for the SERIOUS bargains that you are about to drool over as you continue reading this post. So, if you don't like to save up to 75% off drugstore makeup (prior to coupons) this isn't the post for you! Also, as you can see from the picture above, I went to CVS well prepared with coupons. Anyway, before I get into the products I picked up, I must give credit where credit is due, and I have to refer my readers to check out G's website, Nouveau Cheap ( This blog has a post on quite a detailed list of which products are being discounted for each listed brand, as well as, what coupons G or her readers have found that may be applied to such products. Thank you G, it definitely made my trip to CVS much more efficient!

Anyhow, let the hauling begin!

My first trip to CVS for the Beauty Clearance was Sunday, January 2nd, and I was surprised to see that there was not a single percentage off sticker on ANY products that I saw mentioned on G's website. So, I was that crazy girl at around 8:30 on a Sunday morning walking across the store to price scan a ton of beauty items! However, before I began checking the prices on products, I scanned my CVS card and out printed my quarterly extrabuck earnings. Hello extra dollar off my total! Anyway, after a little over an hour of searching high and low I decided to purchase the items in the image above, and here is what I got:

*Revlon Matte Eye Shadow in Riviera Blue (x2): $5.49 each - 75% = $1.37 each ($2.74 for the two)
*Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Afterglow: $9.29 - 75% = $2.32
*Revlon Nail Enamel in 914 Tropical Temptation: $5.79 - 75% = $1.45

Total Before Using Extra Care Bucks (ECB): $6.51
- $3.95 ECB
- $1.00 ECB
= $1.56 + $0.49 (tax)
= $2.05

Savings: $24.50

Also, I had $4.54 left on a CVS Money Card, so I didn't pay anything out of pocket for these products! In addition, I was surprised I didn't pick up any products where I could have used a manufacturer's coupon, but as you'll see further below, I went coupon crazy later on in the week.

With $6 in ECB that were going to expire after Thursday, January 6th, I decided to run to my nearest 24 hour CVS at around 10:30 P.M. last Thursday. Before I went on a beauty clearance hunt, I decided to take advantage of the Revlon promotion that was taking place; if you purchased two Revlon cosmetic products or beauty tools you would receive $7 in ECB. So, I bought two Revlon Expert Shapers, as shown above, for $3.19 each. However, here is the math for that transaction:

*Revlon Expert Shapers (x2) = $3.19 each (or $6.38 for the two)
- $6 ECB
= $0.38 + $0.03 (tax)
= $0.41

Savings: $6

With $2.49 left on my CVS Money Card, ($4.54 - $2.05 = $2.49) I clearly had enough to cover this purchase, and better yet, I had earned $7 in ECB to use towards the massive haul you can find below! (Also, I had $2.08 ($2.49 - $0.41 = $2.08) left on my CVS Money Card after this Revlon Expert Shapers purchase.)

As you can see from the image above, I got quite a few AMAZING deals on various beauty products! Also, unlike a few days earlier, there were percentage off stickers on most of the products in this image. So, from left to right lets go over what I purchased:

First Row:
*Sally Hansen Lip Blush Plumping Balm: $11.99 - 75% = $2.99
*Sally Hansen Nail Shine Miracle 10 Day Top Coat: $9.99 - 75% = $2.49
*Sally Hansen Quick Care Strength Treatment: $10.79 - 75% = $2.69
*Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Sheer Strawberry: $3.19 - 75% = $0.79
*Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Ice: $3.19 - 75% = $0.79

Second Row:
*Sally Hansen Diamond 12 HR. Lip Treatment in Engaging (x2): $7.39 each - 75% = $1.85 each
*Revlon Nail Enamel in 911 Pink Chiffon: $5.79 - 75% = $1.45
*Physicians Formula Mineral Face Powder in Soft Green = $14.79 - 75% = $3.69
*Rimmel Trio Eye Shadow in 740 Fever: $6.49 - 75% = $1.62
*Rimmel Lashmaxx Mascara with Bonus Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Jet Black/Noir: $9.79 - 75% = $2.45

While these prices are pretty darn impressive prior to coupons, I know you want to see how much I really saved below.

So, along with the $7 ECB that I received from my Revlon purchase (third picture from the top), I also took another $7 off my total due to Manufacturer's coupons! Thus, I took a whopping $14 off my total combined! The manufacturer's coupons I used are listed below, and in parenthesis is where you can locate such coupons:

*Sally Hansen: $1 Off 1 Lip Product (Red Plum Insert 01/09/11)
*Sally Hansen: $1 Off 1 Nail Treatment (Red Plum Insert 01/09/11)
*Sally Hansen: $1 Off 2 Nail Colors (Red Plum Insert 01/09/11)
*Sally Hansen: $1 Off Peelie on Nail Shine Miracle 10 Day Top Coat (On Product Itself)
*Rimmel: $1 Off any Rimmel item (
*Rimmel: $2 Off any Rimmel item (Click the "Like" button on the Rimmel Facebook page)

So, my subtotal came out to $8.66 + $2.01 (tax) = $10.67
- $2.08 left on my CVS Money Card
= $8.59

Thus, I only spent $8.59 out of pocket for all 11 products in the fourth picture from the top! What was even more exciting was to look at the amount I saved for this purchase, which was $82.13! However, I couldn't leave CVS just yet.

Since I had another $2 off any Rimmel item coupon, I decided to go back to the beauty section once more that evening and picked up Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick in Spotlight Beige. I must say for $0.38, yes, you read correctly, $0.38, it was a GREAT buy! Here's the math:

*Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Spotlight Beige: $8.79 - 75% = $2.19
- $2 Manufacturer's Coupon
= $0.19 + $0.19 (tax)
= $0.38

Savings: $8.60

Have you purchased anything from the CVS Beauty Clearance? Have you found a coupon that I have not mentioned? I would love for you to comment on what you picked up, and leave a link to your blog post showing us what you purchased!

FTC: I am in no way affiliated with CVS or any of the brands mentioned above. In addition, I am not being compensated for this post.

Love, Lipgloss, & Lattes


  1. I got the same Rimmel Lipstick, only in my area, it was $8.29 regular > $2.07 clearance > $.07 with coupon!

  2. Hi Linda,

    That is such a great deal! Did you pick up any other beauty products on clearance while at CVS?

    Love, Lipgloss, & Lattes

  3. OMG such great stuff! I am so jealous I didn't get more stuff when I was home in NY. The CVS here in SC seem to be done with these sales already! I was able to find a few things that were on sale, with no sticker, but since you have me that list I was able to find a few things then check the price scanner to make sure they were actually on sale. I am going to check out another CVS tomorrow, hopefully I can still pick up a few things! I hope you enjoy all your stuff! :)

  4. oooo I totally forgot about's coupons!! so glad I saw your pictures.. just printed out a few :) I am such a coupon junkie!


  5. This clearance sale is pretty amazing. Thanks for letting us know about all of the sales and coupons you used instead of just a haul!

  6. You got some great stuff! I also got some revlon nail polishes and the sally hansen top coat. Along with some other things. Absolutely going back!

  7. Hey,

    Marissa: I would still price scan just about everything of interest to you! Although this post has a lot of 75% off stickers, I went to a different CVS yesterday and plenty of clearance items did not have the percentage off stickers! Let us know what other beauty clearance you get after your next CVS trip.

    Alyssa Hood: I am a total coupon junkie too! I know your CVS is 30 minutes away from you, but let us know what you picked up when you go! (I LOVE reading/watching CVS hauls lately!)

    Aki!: Anytime! I plan on doing a post simply on the coupons per brand and where you can find them, so stay tuned!

    Ty'Shonae: Thanks! It sounds like you purchased some great items yourself! Hopefully, you had the Sally Hansen $0.50 off 1 Sally Hansen polish coupon with you. As I told Aki!, I plan on doing a post simply on all the coupons I have found per brand.